Lowana-Skye Davies (b.1995) is a Yugumbeh (Gold Coast) based olfactory, installation, and performance artist. She is a pro-Indigenous, queer, intersectional feminist thinker invested in creating emotionally charged artworks that explore environmental justice for multispecies habitats such as oceans, soils, and air. 

Having presented live, solo, and collaborative works across Australia including at HOTA, OuterSpace, The Commonwealth Games - Festival 2018, Gold Coast City Gallery, WhiteBox Gallery, The Walls Art Space, End of the Line Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Glitter Festival, Two-High Festival, The Western Australian Circus Festival, Bleach Festival, and online Lowana is invested in creating social, cultural, and political change by supporting ecocentric and experimental artworks to come into the world. She has also presented work in the city of Chengdu China and Niigata and Nagano prefectures in Japan. She is a founder and core creative for Umwelt Collective, a Gold Coast performance art collective, creating work that sits at the cross-section of installation, performance, and digital art.

Studio Lowana-Skye is invested in creating social, cultural, and political change through creative practice and is inspired by lively sensoria, more-than-human-centered thinking, amusing and surprising moments, and our immediate environment.

Studio Lowana-Skye is currently in collaboration for CATCHING A WHIFF with Gold Coast creatives Adrienne Kenafake & Tessa Bergen, Rebecca Ross, Tom Lyons, and Sarah Lewis. The project is supported by GENERATE, which is a City of Gold Coast initiative delivered in partnership with Tasdance and SITUATE Art in Festivals.

It has been presented at HOTA ArtLab and is supported by Lowana-Skye Davies' current research at QUT with the supervision of Keith Armstrong

and Professor Jennifer Firn.