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CATCHING A WHIFF – responding to a wine and a moment in time – By Lowana-Skye Davies

The Verdicchio (/vɛərˈdiːkioʊ/, also US: /vɜːrˈ-, -kjoʊ, vɛərˈdɪkioʊ/, Italian: [verˈdikkjo], a white Italian wine grape variety grown primarily in the Marche region of central Italy was crisp. The name Verdicchio derives from verde, green, dripping, melting, and rolling softly sweet honey dew melon juice and crushed green apples... Soft rain was falling like millions of tears to the rhythm of the music, washing away another Thursday, gathering and collapsing into puddles. A warm summer night off. Together can be everything. Owning nothing yet having everything. A gentle conversation, a room that feels like a warm hug. A voice spoke to me in a subterranean tone. A tone that soothed my aching joints. Massaging your words into the synovial fluid in my knees until I could walk forward with ease. Mum tells me to keep moving forward. Scrolling onto endless new pages, a sheep, ready to be shawn. Cut my hair. Shave my neck. Laser cut my bush, free lawn maintenance, and the payphones are free now. We are in the middle of the glass now. It is soft and creamy like the inside of a burrata. Exploding in my mouth like lava. No such thing as stagnant water waiting to move. It seeps into my veins that run like roots entangling the soil. Stumbling upon fermented fruits. Observing buses flying past with no passengers. Tasting cacio e pepe gnocchi, only six dollars for the cookie crumbling in my mouth. I appreciate that. Do you want to have a little look at that? Drop lights and vintage speakers calling my name with soft Bob Dylan tracks. I wanted to go home. But home was unknown. The wine glass is still half full. The hand holding it is weak and shaking. A bird diving into the river, looking for a fish. Hoping for a fish. Take me to the sea. Take me to Italy. Take me to Hungary. When I tell you that I am Hungarian, what will you assume? I decide to tell you nothing. Smell the biscuits on the breeze. I love your short shorts. I love your cute attitude and your avant-garde, dystopian soundscapes. I love your smile and your quiet acceptance. Did you know that Verdicchio was a famous Artist?

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